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Terms and Conditions


General Usage


By using the VacationRentalsToGo website as a renter or property owner/manager, you agree to the terms, conditions and policies described below.

VacationRentalsToGo provides a website medium for vacation rental property owners and agents to self-publish vacation rental listings and for renters to directly contact vacation property owners/agents. VacationRentalsToGo does not edit vacation home listings, except in cases where owners/agents have published objectionable or disallowed content. VacationRentalsToGo does not validate the ownership of any vacation rental property listing, nor does VacationRentalsToGo validate the legitimacy of any renter. VacationRentalsToGo is not responsible for the accuracy of any content published by a vacation property owner/agent, nor any claims made by a property owner/agent or renter. Renters and property owners/agents agree to assume all liability for any transactions resulting from the use of the VacationRentalsToGo website. VacationRentalsToGo is not party to any transaction between a vacation rental owner/agent and a prospective or actual renter. By using the website, you agree that VacationRentalsToGo shall not be held liable for any direct or consequential loss or damage from using the website. You agree that your sole and exclusive remedy against VacationRentalsToGo is to discontinue using the website.

Each vacation home owner/agent has access to his/her listing 24 hours per day, except in the case of scheduled or unscheduled outages. VacationRentalsToGo does not warrant that website service will be uninterrupted. VacationRentalsToGo does not create listings, edit listings or delete listings. Each vacation home owner/agent is responsible for creating his/her listing, maintaining the accuracy and currency of the listing and deleting the listing when it is no longer wanted. In order to preclude a spoofed email address and to validate ownership, property owners are required to delete their own unwanted listings. Listing purchases are final and no refunds are issued once a listing has been purchased. Listing fees are not pro-rated in the event a listing is terminated prior to the completion of the listing term. VacationRentalsToGo does not warrant that the website is error free. Each vacation property owner/agent establishes his/her own cancellation and refund policy. VacationRentalsToGo is not responsible for the payment or refund of any fees or deposits. VacationRentalsToGo is not a property manager and does not represent any owner/agent or renter. VacationRentalsToGo does not mediate or otherwise participate in any deposit or rental payment dispute between an owner/agent and a renter.

VacationRentalsToGo recommends that property owners/agents and renters assume that any potential transaction is fraudulent and that positive steps be taken to establish the legitimacy of the transacting party. Guidelines and considerations for preventing or avoiding fraud are given on the VacationRentalsToGo FAQs page at Avoiding Fraud.


Privacy and Copyright


VacationRentalsToGo does not and will not share, sell or divulge to any third party any personal information, such as email addresses or passwords. A vacation rental owner/agent may optionally publish his/her name, phone numbers and vacation rental property address as part of his/her listing's content. All material uploaded by a vacation rental property owner/agent to the website shall become the copyrighted property of VacationRentalsToGo. No material that has been copyrighted by a person or entity other than the property owner/agent may be published to a VacationRentalsToGo listing. Notwithstanding, the listing owner/agent has the right to copy and use published and modified material specific to his/her listing without prohibition. Unauthorized copying or use of this material is prohibited. Any listing content published to the VacationRentalsToGo website by a vacation property owner/agent and any material sent to VacationRentalsToGo in electronic form by a property owner/agent or website visitor may be used by VacationRentalsToGo as a testimonial, in a newsletter, for other VacationRentalsToGo related purposes or for promotion by affiliate websites. VacationRentalsToGo reserves the right to alter or delete any information submitted for the property listing. For security reasons, VacationRentalsToGo does not store credit card information, other than the last four digits of the credit card and the security code.


Listing and Acceptable Content Policy


VacationRentalsToGo reserves the right to delete or deactivate any vacation rental listing at its sole discretion with or without notification. No pornographic, discriminatory or unlawful content or fraudulent activity is permitted. No website addresses, email addresses or telephone numbers may be published, other than within the data entry form fields specifically designated for these items. No website address may be embedded in any uploaded picture. Any references to websites, email addresses or phone numbers other than within the designated data entry fields are subject to removal without notice. Any attempt to bypass this policy by entering a spelled-out address (e.g. mywebsite at somedomain dot com) shall be considered an overt policy violation and shall result in the deletion of the listing without notice. Listings may not contain indirect references to websites or email addresses, such as "search Google for XYZ", for example. Each listing may link to one personal website via the "Personal Website" field of the listing data entry form. No link to a competing vacation rentals website is permitted.

A vacation rental property may not be posted to an overtly incorrect city (e.g. posting a California listing under a New York location). Any such improper posting shall result in the deletion of the listing without notification. Any city added by a listing owner/agent via the listing process to the predefined list of cities displayed on the VacationRentalsToGo website, must be found in and/or the US Postal Service website at

No changes to an existing listing, listing de-activation or listing deletion shall be permitted for any listing that has incurred an unpaid charge. VacationRentalsToGo reserves the right to retain unpaid listings on the website in an active status.

VacationRentalsToGo does not and cannot review all content posted by an owner/agent. VacationRentalsToGo disclaims any responsibility for material posted by an owner/agent.


Listing Inquiries


Inquiries sent to a listing owner/agent may be filtered and/or read by the VacationRentalsToGo staff before or after delivery to the listing owner/agent. Inquiries containing embedded email addresses and website addresses are electronically filtered for removal as a spam prevention measure. Email transmitted via the owner contact form is monitored and retained by VacationRentalsToGo. Originators of inquiries may be contacted by VacationRentalsToGo or affiliated websites with promotional offers. Use of the owner contact form is solely for the purpose of contacting a listing owner with regard to renting, exchanging or purchasing the listed vacation property. All inquiries of a commercial nature or offering goods or services are prohibited.

While VacationRentalsToGo endeavors to eliminate spam/fraudulent inquiries to listing owners/agents, it is not possible to guarantee that no such inquiries will be received by a listing owner/agent. Any listing owner/agent who receives a suspect inquiry is encouraged to notify VacationRentalsToGo via the contact us form. VacationRentalsToGo shall be held blameless and harmless for any cases of fraud resulting from transactions conducted through the VacationRentalsToGo website, whether as owner/agent or renter.


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